I, the Shipwreck.

I’ve left him, like an abandoned shipwreck. I’ve paddled out to sea with no destination but gone. And I will pass him by. I frantically dig inside myself to find courage, to find anything at all. All these years, all this time, who have I been and when did I become so weak? I’ll drown in these waves, trying to find feeling, trying to find land.

Is there such a thing as a clean cut? I cut the rope, in hopes of help from the unforgiving sea, but it’s just that, unforgiving. And the rope unravels. What happens when this water under me, refuses to carry me, any longer. A drifting wood, no longer drifting. What will be my purpose then?

And I will paddle on, in search for the horizon, in search for some will. Because this whole time I’ve had it wrong. I’ve been the shipwreck, all along.


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