What the Grey Area Looks Like.

I have found in the presence of any good lighting, you can see straight through a person. This such lighting is rare, usually inconveniencing, and most certainly disheartening. If you’re the kind of person that sees everything as bright and shiny, this is generally when you would want to blink. Well, more so, should blink. It’s a split second, however, it’s enough to send every thought or idea you’ve ever had about someone into spiraling chaos. And not that this world isn’t completely chaotic as is, your beliefs are what make you.. well, you. Naive or not. But who am I to judge? I know liars because I am a liar. A liar that learns from others poor choices of fabrications. Which, might I add, has worked out brilliantly. Although, not so much for my relationships. I am one to steer clear of this such stated lighting.

I’ve seen the masses. We’re all filled with possibilities, responsibilities, ideals, and memories. Curiosity really did kill the cat. And to fully know what each and every-one of us is capable of is terrifying. It’s a wonder there aren’t more crazy people in the world.

People are contained with disappointments. If they aren’t busy casually disappointing you, they most certainly are disappointing themselves.

There’s never a light at the end of the tunnel, but eventually your eyes will get used to the darkness. But some of us were blessed with impatience, so we recklessly travel down the first path we come across. Which in most cases, should have been blockaded off to begin with. We are creatures of habit and darkness is a slippery slope. Instead of waiting out the storm for the hand of rescue, we find ourselves digging the hole a little deeper, pushing our boundaries a little father, and bleeding the tank.

Clearly we weren’t all given the flash light of insight for our tunnels, and those of us that lack this, pay the consequences of breaking those around us, just to keep our heads above water.

Yet ultimately, you learn, you can still drown in the shallow end.


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