Misery Loves Company.

I’ve found that everyone I meet, takes little pieces of me. Anyone that I’ve ever shared something with; a conversation, a smile, a cup of coffee, or even a glance. And then, in their absence, I’m burdened. And each ignited memory, there’s ache; like a tattered, amputated, limb.

Of course this means eventually there will be nothing left of me. That eventually I’ll fade into the background of the walls I’ve built around myself. I fight to keep people out out of fear of being left, which inevitably leaves me alone in the end. It’s a vicious cycle.

And as empty as this can be, I’ve come to terms with this fault. I would much rather be alone because I made myself that way, than to be alone because someone doesn’t want to be around, despite the emptiness it leaves me. A profound concept, I know. Ill-tempered, coward, and consuming, I also know.

I often wonder if these people, the ones that are stripping me clean, realize the gain in weight in their pockets when they walk away. These little pieces of me, I can’t imagine are very light. Tucked away, like words on a folded paper. Words that weigh down as if soaking wet.

Perhaps that’s all that I am, all that’s left of me; words. They can keep their feelings, keep their emotions. And me, I’ll keep these words. Each and every last one of them, to fill the foot prints leading to the door.


One thought on “Misery Loves Company.

  1. People take only what you give them. Do not partake in the misery of other’s needs to possess or to steal. Admire yourself for the wonderful person that you are and those that take from you only want what they don’t have. Your aura is a beauty that you have and those around you only admire what they see. I wish only to have what you have. Hang in there and keep being true to you; it is a gift that I wish I had.

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