A Deaf & Dumb Audience.

Like a drunk that’s lost a bet, his face was covered in confusion, and with a lack of grace he stood. I tried to look unconcerned, but I was completely absorbed in the thought of being alone, and it stung like a paper-cut. My heart broke as I tried to contain myself from breaking out my emotion-filled speech, or hysterically laughing at the irony drowning my actions.

The silence grew deafening and I prayed it would just kill me. He parted his lips, and the ease in which he stated his words was a knife to my chest. The knife I was hoping the silence would have placed.

“Maybe I don’t want to change.”

I could feel my legs shrink. And there I stood, three feet tall, feeling as a deaf and dumb audience. My lungs begged for air and my heart in my throat refused to budge. I could feel him slipping through my fingers and he was sand in my hands.


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