Worth More Than You Know.

Summer, 2007, the summer of my life. The summer I was considered an adult. The summer I grew up. A memory of days gone by, warm days, all blended together, but we didn’t mind. Days we never wanted to end. However, we all know, all good things have to come to an end. And now, tied to this memory, your face, and the thought I’ll never see you again, the thought that my memory, is all I have left of you.

There will never be air in your lungs again, life in your eyes, content in your heart. I can feel the resentment in me grow. A cancer consuming my insides. We got lost in the years and caught up in life. I’ll remember the better times. Times I didn’t have to think about a world less bright, without you in it.

My friends are dropping like house flies and I’m learning quickly it’s sink or swim. I’d give anything, anything at all, to just sink. The ache in me is heavy enough to drown me.




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