To Know I’ve Had Enough.

I just called to say goodbye. There’s nothing left in me for you. You’ve taken it all. And all the sand has finally collected at the bottom of this hour glass and your time has all gone away.

I just wrote to tell you I’m gone. That these will be the last words I ever send in your direction. And they hold nothing more than goodbye; no feeling, no emotion, as my pen bleeds across this paper.

I just stopped by to give you back these memories for good. And to say I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a reason to stay; that I had to be the one worth leaving. The one left watching your tail lights disappear around the bend. They will not follow me home. I am not that broken girl worth leaving anymore. But you’ll never know that, will you?

And in the slight off-chance that these words actually find their way to you, I hope you can find peace in your own ways, as I have found peace in your absence. I’ve built this new life while you stood outside. I have found contentment without you. And now that the storm has finally settled, my skies are clear and I can see the stars again. So I just called to say goodbye.


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