Hold Me Close.

Jerked from sleep by the cruelty of my own dreams. And the air cold. It nags at my bare skin, untouched by the covers. Goosebumps seize my body and I tug at the covers, begging for warmth.

My eyes search the darkness for comfort of familiarity until they find him. And I find my comfort in the rise and fall of his chest as I listen to the in and out of his breathe. I curl myself into the sheets I’ve grown to know so well and tangle myself back into his arms.

I welcome the warmth his body offers me as it sweeps my skin and my goosebumps retreat, and allow my breathing to fall into tempo with his. Our chests, one beat. And in this moment, I let him hold all of my attention, until my eyes can no longer carry focus, and I let the sound of his breathing drift my consciousness back into suspension. And there I’ll spend my night, with him, filling my head.


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