Eventually You Lose Enough.

Some things just never stop hurting. Some wounds will never heal. Clean, bandage, repeat. Scars fade, but never vanish. Stitches get pulled and things come undone. Fixed is never as strong as the whole was before and time wont dry the glue. Realization comes with experience and insight from pain. Numbness, from feeling everything and nothing all at once, when emotions run together.

I’ve heard it makes you strong, and I’ve heard it makes you weak. And eventually time escapes you and you’re crippled with age. Disabled by the sadness that had creeped into every joint, into every organ. And you grow a stranger. There are no constants here. Not even the pain feels the same.

Eventually you lose enough to realize it’s time to change, and change is what you do.

And you carry that past with you, your shedded skin, like luggage.

And every day is a reminder, somethings just never stop hurting; some wounds will never heal.


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