To Aimlessly Miss.

I miss you like the sky misses the stars, when they’re hiding on a cloud filled night. When the clouds envy the silky sheet of the night sky, and cover the stars to selfishly keep the light. The stars that guide it home. After all, what is a night sky, without its brilliantly bright lit stars?

Lay burdened my hope and lay burdened my faith. I let your absence cover me, and my entire body feels it. Exhausted and thirsty for any kind of movement, to let me know you’re still here, in the dark with me.

A leaf in the wind, tossing, turning, yurning from the branch that once held it up so high. It reaches, but this attempt is lost, blown away. What sadness of a cold, unrelenting winter for a leafless tree.

How does a lock find its purpose without its key, besides to keep the emptiness in? It’s a lonely place, being the cause of loneliness, being loneliness.

And I miss you like an abandoned house misses life. How it misses the laughter and happiness that once lived within it. And now, it aches on its foundation, and every floor board surrounds it self for comfort, and the stairs have even stopped speaking of its creeks and crackles in the loneliness left dusting its top.

And just as all, misses something, a phantom limb, I am here, missing you as this.


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